• Mazal Tov to the Kramer and Topp families on the upcoming marriage of Daniella Topp to Jack Shaab.
  • Shabbat afternoon, September 24 at 4:00 PM – Annual Women’s Shabbat Afternoon Tea at the home of Debbie and Baruki Cohen, honoring the mothers and children from the community who have volunteered their time in Emunah homes in Israel.
  • The Moriah Beit Midrash presents: “Jerusalem during Aliya l’regel: A City Transformed.” The Moriah School is proud to announce the first in a new series of adult learning. Start your day with a shot of Torah to take place on Wednesday,September 28 at 8:45 AM in the Holocaust Study Center.Mrs. Ruchama Alter, a licensed tour guide in Israel and a proud Moriah grandparent, will describe what the experience of celebrating the holidays was like in the time of the Beit Hamikdash.