The Leadership Challenge by Rabbi Benny Berlin
A Korban Chatas was a sin-offering brought when one inadvertently made an error. What’s fascinating is there are four different categories the Torah speaks of explicitly.
1) The Kohein Gadol sins
2) Sanhedrin (supreme court) sins by issuing an erroneous error
3) Individual sins
4) Leader sins

For each of these, it’s written “Im,” “If” they will sin, but for a leader it says “Asher,” “When” the leader will sin. Why?!

Jewish people are meant to lead, we’re an ohr lagoyim, leader of morality and leaders in our own sphere. The verse writes though, that to lead, you put yourself in a position that you will make inadvertent mistakes.

The Gemara in Shabbat writes there are four people in the history of mankind who never sinned. Who are they? We’d think Avraham, Yitzchak, Yakov, Sara, Rifka, Rachel, Leah, Moshe. It is none of these.

It’s Binyamin ben Yaakov (Binyamin the son of Yakov), Amram avi Moshe (Amram the father of Moshe), Yishai avi Dovid (Yishai who was Dovid’s father), and Kilab ben Dovid (Kilab the son of Dovid).

Were they on a loftier level than our Matriarchs and Patriarchs?!

Notice the names. The Gemara mentions their sons or their fathers. This is done purposefully. These were incredible people, but they never took leadership positions. Their fathers did or their sons did. Our leaders aren’t on that list because when you are a leader it is inevitable that mistakes are made.

Somebody once asked Adin Shteinzalz about the mistakes he’s made in life and he said, “I’ve made many mistakes and I regret them all, but you know what I regret even more? The opportunities I had, and didn’t act. I regret those even more than my mistakes.”