View Englewood Eruv – Please read the following notes carefully to understand the difference between the green and blue shaded regions in a larger map

Dear Members of the Englewood Jewish Community,

After much hard work over the past two years, the Eruv serving Englewood, NJ has been updated and improved. Rabbi Chaim (Howard) Jachter, the Rav ha-Machshir of the Eruv, and Michael Adler, Mashgiach of the Eruv, have worked diligently towards this effort. Thank you, as well, to Danny Popper for creating the google Eruv map and to Ari Davidovics who helps Michael maintain the Eruv. The community owes a great debt of gratitude to Rabbi Chanan Jacobson who helped to create and maintain the original Eruv for many years.

In an effort to maintain an Eruv of the highest quality while encompassing as much area as we can, the Englewood Jewish Community has established an Eruv with two distinct sections. This distinction reflects a debate amongst contemporary authorities as to whether Route 4 is considered an intercity highway that cannot be included in an Eruv. Approximately 90% of our Eruv satisfies the most stringent opinions who do not permit Route 4 to be included in an Eruv. This area is identified as Area A and is delineated on the google Eruv map as the green shaded region. A much smaller area, identified as Area B, is delineated on the google Eruv map as the blue shaded region. By necessity, Area B includes Route 4 but remains in accordance with the view of Rav Moshe Feinstein and the practice of the Jerusalem Eruv (which encompasses the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway).

Please note the following important items:

(1) Residents who live south of Route 4 (Rockwood Place and Cross Creek, for example) can remain in Area A while crossing to the other side of Route 4 only by crossing at Jones Road. Walking underneath the Broad Avenue overpass necessitates using Area B. There is really no practical way to avoid this situation.

(2) Please be aware, especially residents who live on North Woodland Street or to the east thereof, that the Eruv boundary running along North Woodland Street crosses over the street in several places and therefore great care should be taken to stay within the Eruv when walking along that street. Please zoom in on the google Eruv map to see the precise locations of the utility poles that hold the Eruv boundary. Poles can be identified by the number listed on them and which are identified on the google Eruv map as well. Efforts are currently underway to include the entire street and the area to the east. We will inform the community when they are completed.

(3) Those intending to walk to Teaneck and stay within the Eruv should be aware that Forest Avenue west of Van Brunt Street is only within Area B. To stay within Area A, one must use Englewood Avenue or Palisade Avenue or other options found in the green shaded region of the google Eruv map.


Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

Rabbi Menachem Genack

Rabbi Zev Reichman

Rabbi Chaim Poupko

Rabbi Mordechai Gershon

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